Name: Ariana Madix

Age: 21

Year: Senior

School: Flagler College

Hometown: Melbourne, Florida

Major: Theatre Arts

Favorite Drink: Dos Equis Lager

Does size matter: Not if you know how to use it!

What if I have three nuts: I hope one of those is an almond, and all three aren't BALLS.

What could I say to make you want me: "I play soccer really well." Seriously.

What could I say to make you throw up in your mouth just a little bit: "I want to have a family as soon as possible. I'd love to live in the suburbs forever." Grossssss

If I have a discman instead of an i-pod, should I even bother listening to music at the gym: I hate to discriminate, but the answer is no. Don't even bother. You might hurt yourself.

Do you have a boyfriend: Nope.

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