Mary:Oh hey Scott!How are you?

Scott:Good, good.I haven’t seen you in what, two years now?

Both take a second and look each other up and down.Scott stops at the chest.

Mary:Ahem…Yeah, wow I can’t believe it has been that long. What have you been doing?

Scott is flabbergasted that Mary saw him staring and still chose not to say anything.


Mary:Still working for your dad?

Scott:…um yeah, I am.I can’t believe how much you’ve changed since we went out.

Mary:Yeah, I decided to highlight my hair.I’ve bee keeping that going for about six months now.Oh, and I got this cool tattoo on my lower back!Want to see?

Mary turns and shows Scott a tattoo of a butterfly with hearts patterned into its wings.

Scott:I never thought you were much of a tattoo girl, but then again I thought you were secure.

Mary:What is that supposed to mean?

Mary does a ‘Oh no he didn’t’, sticks her hand on her hip, arches her back, and sticks her chest out with a pissed look on her face.

Scott:Nothing, I just… It’s just that… Where did you say you were working these days?

Mary:Well I was working at Friday’s, but that wasn’t going to well.I took some time off before I got a job at Hooters.Now, though, I am working at this club on the east side.

Scott fully aware that there is only one kind of club on the east side decides to throw caution to the wind.

Scott:Hooters?A club on the east side? What did you get first, the tramp stamp or the boob job?

Mary:God made the woman form a work of art.

Scott:Yeah, but a doctor and some greasy old man did it to you, not God.What made you decide to do all this?It’s not like you’re unattractive.Hell, I even thought you were hot while we dated.

Mary:I don’t want to talk about it.If I want to get my boobs done, tattoo my body, and constantly work for the attention of as many guys possible, I should be able to.

Scott:That’s fine, but while we dated you were pretty ‘Girl Power!’Come on, you can tell me.

Mary:Remember that thing I told you happened when I was 10?You know, that thing with my uncle.


Mary:It happened again.