If MySpace has taught me anything, it's that the less clothes a girl wears, the more she wants to be my friend and consequently wants me to view her webcam. I don't get anywhere near as many friend requests on Facebook, and I've always wondered why. Apparently Aobra, Chria, adabeel, and Jaida decided against college. I have several different theories about why I'm such a MySpace stud.

They Saw Who Was in My Top 8 and Couldn't Resist:I don't think there's anyone on Earth who wouldn't want to be among Johnny Drama, Bottle of Ketchup, Stephen Hawkings etc.

Tom Put in a Good Word for Me:They saw him in my number 1 friend spot and asked him about me. We're totally friends so I guess he must have just told them how awesome I was.

My Page is so Sweet:Yes ma'am that's a Weird Al song playing. Scroll on down and find out which Spice Girl I am. I was also kind enough to insert five music videos playing simultaneously. Maybe if you play your cards right I'll put your picture on shuffle. Did you notice my World of Warcraft rating? Go ahead and use your pointer arrow (did I say arrow, because I meant a modded sniper scope pointer) and click Add to Friends. No 1dEr YoU cAn'T rEsIsT mE.

You Match My Interests:Who doesn't love late night LAN parties and Magic the Gathering.

My Pictures Are Teh 1337!:I'll bet you wish you were there at my grandmother's retirement party. And yes, thank you. I do look good in a bow-tie. Maybe if I really like you I'll show you my tree fort!