The same sentence can mean a bunch of different things depending on how old the person talking is. It's true, just look below.

"Hold my beer for a second? I gotta run to the bathroom"
Freshman: I'm gonna puke.Sophomore: I'm going to make myself puke.Junior: I just saw this girl go in there and I want to talk to her on the way out.Senior: I've got a lot of blow and I'm not sharing!Alumni: Ooh, I think that fiber pill is kicking in.

"The girls at this party are all ugly."
Freshman: None of these girls will talk to me.Sophomore: I'm not drunk enough yet.Junior: The girls at this party are very unattractive. Senior: I'm not as confident in my ability to attract women since I lost the ability to see my feet.Alumni: Jeez, I hope my daughter isn't one of the 'ugly girls' in her grade, because judging by the girls who came to her birthday party, yikes…

"Dude, I'm fucked up!"
Freshman: I've had four beers.Sophomore: I've had eight beers.Junior: I lost track of how many beers I've had a long time ago.Senior: Remember all that blow I had and wasn't sharing? I did it. Alumni: I troll Myspace trying to meet young men after my wife goes to sleep.

"I didn't do so well on that test."
Freshman: I got an 87Sophomore: I got a 71Junior: I got a 46Senior: Looks like I'll be sticking around for another year.Alumni: I have prostate cancer.

"I'm tired, I think I'm gonna crash."
Freshman: It's 4:30 AM on a Tuesday and I've been up all night watching TV simply because I can.Sophomore: It's 1:45 AM on a Thursday and I've been drinking since 6:00 simply because I can.Junior: It's 1 AM on a Friday, the bars are too crowded and my usual hook up is visiting her friend in Maine.Senior: It's 11:30 PM and I'm getting sick of college.Alumni: Maybe someone else should drive? I hate these out-of-town conferences. You think they'd spring for a Town Car or something.

"Yeah man, big things happening tonight."
Freshman: I'm testing out my brand new Fake ID at a bar.Sophomore: My roommate is out of town and I'll be furiously masturbating all night!Junior: I'm attending a large party where I will most likely have a good time.Senior: I'm posting my resume to and crossing my fingers.Alumni: I'm closing on that great apartment I was telling you about! The one on Riverside, with the big windows, remember?

"I love you."
Freshman: I'm attracted to you.Sophomore: I'm horny.Junior: I would be happy making a life with you.Senior: I'm lonely.Alumni: You'll do.