What did you do today? Oh, cool. I went through thousands of entries in our annual Halloween contest. And it got me thinking- have you ever noticed Halloween is like some huge pop culture quiz? You can't go anywhere without seeing someone dressed as some obscure character from your childhood. But this quiz doesn't count for 15 percent of your final Intro to Stats grade. This quiz counts for life. So here goes…

  • Who carries around a briefcase full of soap? Answer
  • Alright Gum-shoes, who is this lovely lady? Answer
  • Who was the biggest news story of the year, but probably won't be remembered by next Halloween? Answer
  • Who drives the Shaggin' wagon? Answer
  • What was the last good Rocky movie? Answer
  • Who does Ronald McDonald hate? Answer
  • What is Homer Simpson's beer of choice? Answer
  • Who does your roommate in the batman costume not want to run into? Answer
  • How about your other roommate dressed as a Ninja Turtle? Answer