A few months back I received a very cold rejection letter from a school I choose not to name, to summarize they told me that I wasn't good enough for them, and I should consider community college. To this I said, "well fuck you too" I then wrote my own rejection letter to this rejection letter and sent it back to said school. This is my Rejection Rejection Letter:


20 XXXXXX Road


I got your rejection letter in the mail and I am sorry to say, it is not exactly up to par, so I am completely disregarding it and coming into the class of 2011 at your institution. From reading your letter I am not in the slightest convinced you really don’t want me at your school, it seemed halfhearted and vague. After reviewing it with the Rejection Committee, consisting of high school students who were rejected from the top institutions such as Oxford, Harvard and even Princeton, we have come to the conclusion that you are just playing hard to get. Included in this letter is my 50 dollar tuition deposit and my enrollment form which I stole from someone who was actually accepted, but decided that Franklin Pierce was too illustrious for her, and she was better off at her safety school, Tufts.

I am very sorry for the disappointment this must cause you, talk to an advisor and try to send a better rejection next year, and maybe I will consider transferring.

Best Wishes

Tawanda P. Gona

I closing I would like to say once again Fuck You XXXXXXXX