Everybody has to get to class somehow, right? If you didn't, your parents would recieve a transcript from their child that has a solid 1.6 GPA written somewhere on it. "But Mom, those professors are totally lame! They actually grade homework! Woah, Dad, put down the bat." So in order to prevent this, we have to make it to class somehow. Provided that you're not a total pothead, you can get to class without looking like you're a total idiot. Let's talk to some people about their favorite mode of transportation.

The dude who rides a bike

"My mom always told me that I was better than everybody else, ya know? She told me to not let anybody stand in my way, especially when I have to get to class. So I ride my bike to class, weaving in and out amongst the bystanders in the crowd. I may not be a good car driver, but I can ride my bike pretty well. Oh, shit, sorry bro. Shouldn't have gotten in my way. Sometimes I don't even ride to miss the people. I just hope that they get out of my way in time. Know what I mean, bro? You don't? Oh, okay."

The asian kid who runs to class

"I need to make it to class 30 minutes before it starts, so I can study! If I don't, I'll get a 97 on that test instead of 100! Stop following me! Oh no! 29 minutes until class starts! "

The line of people blocking the sidewalk moving at the rate of about a mile every six weeks

"We're in no hurry. Class started 20 minutes ago, but I'll get there when I feel like it. Yeah, today's test day. If they don't let me take the test, then whatevs. Hey, there's someone that I have seen before, but don't know their name! Let me go talk to them and repeat an inside joke from last week that wasn't even all that funny."

The guy who rollerblades to class

"Wow, I totally suck a lot of dick. I mean, a lot. My jaw hurts."

The kid who skateboards to class

"Broken bones? Pssh, only pussies complain about getting broken bones. My skateboard makes a lot of noise as I travel down the concrete. It's not that much faster than walking, but totally more extreme than anything else. Later on I'm gonna listen to some indie rock and drink Mountain Dew. Hold on, I gotta grind this rail. YEEEEAHHH BABY!!! TONY HAWK STY—crash—DAMMIT!!!! ANOTHER BROKEN ARM!!!"

The guy who drives to class

"What? Oh, sorry, dude, I just woke up. Yeah, I know it's 4:30. Oh, here comes the professor. Time to take another power nap so he knows I'm worthless. Take notes for me, will ya, dude? Thanks."