Oh hey, how's it goin? No no, don't get up, you can keep tanning, I'll just sit right here. Yea, it's great out here, huh? So where you from? Must be a big change coming out here then, right? Hahaha, yea, this weather is great. Ooh, looks like you're burning a bit, do you want me to put some suntan lotion on you? No? Ok, well you just let me know.

So anyway, how're you liking school so far? Yea, classes kinda suck, but the parties are pretty good. Oh, you don't go out to parties? Oh, bummer. I was at my friend's apartment last night and we got so smashed that we stole a traffic cone! No, I guess I didn't really think about what I'd do with it" but it was sweet nonetheless. Are you sure you don't want some lotion on you? If you get burned you could develop skin cancer later in life. Ok, just looking out for you.

Say, you're that girl in my Bio class right? You sit in the third row five seats from the left and you're always drinking a grande mocha latte, right? How'd I know that? I dunno, I guess I just noticed it one time. I sit in the back row so I can just survey everyone in the room, you know? You're out here a lot, huh? Yea I noticed that you're not sitting on the purple towel today, is it in the wash? Don't worry, I'm not creepy or anything, I just have a room that faces the quad. I can put your clothes in the dryer if you want, it's no big deal. I'm going back inside in a bit anyway. What do you have in there, like just towels, maybe those SpongeBob pajama bottoms, perhaps some underwear? No, I'm not like that, I just want to know what setting to put it on silly! Oh jeez, you're gonna have such an awful sunburn! Come on, let me just put a little bit on you, it's making me feel uncomfortable! What do you mean "same here?" Oh, I thought that's what you said.

Ok, well I'm gonna go inside and listen to some Sufjan Stevens, maybe watch Garden State. Oh, you like those things too? Yea, I thought I saw that on your Facebook profile once. What? No, I wasn't stalking you, I was just seeing when your birthday was so I could order your gift in time. Alrite, well I'm in 323, feel free to stop by whenever you want. It only takes like 49 seconds to get to my room from yours. Later!