1. Dry Cleaning – you have to have some kinda liquid to clean, scrape something off with a finger nail…. that’s dry cleaning

2. PMS – Its a scam, they get to moan for one week every month… and its your fault.

3. Quite Funny – its funny or its not, there is no in between

4. Idiots guide to idiots guides

5. Fresh air – its all recycled, there not making anymore.

6. By the skin of your teeth – get to a dentist, you should not have any.

7. Ill make you smile on the other side of your face – what you going to do, slash me ?

8. A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush – I would rather have to birds in bush and one in my hand

9. A bit overweight – we all know what that mean, your fat, go on a diet.

10. The long and short of it – what the hell does that mean ?

11. out of the blue – where is this place… Blue ?

12. In the top 6 – no you are sixth, if you top you would be first.

13. I promise I wont cum in your mouth – well if you believe that then your deserve what you get!

14. The twilight years – does it get darker as you get older ?

15. Tabloid news – its all a lie and you know it, buy a real paper

16. The phrase "Can I ask you a question ?" – to late jackass you just did

17. Vertically Challenged – nope your short live with it

18. The phrase "my tits are too big!" – trust me, there not they are just fine

19. Im with stupid T – Shirts worn when by yourself – so your to stupid to notice your idiot has got away ?

20. Bar peanuts – ok honestly how many of you wash your hand every time you go to the toilet ? How much urine from others hand would you like to eat ?