Oh man, remember "Angus?". Man….that movie. I remember watching it and crying. He just wanted to be loved. He was just a overweight kid with a purple suit and a crush on the most popular girl in school. And there was that Green Day song in the movie, too. Man..that was a good song.Back then I was fat, too…I mean…I still kinda am…but i'm doing Weight Watchers, so…not so much now…but back then, that movie reallyconnected withme. I remember going to see it and really understanding what Angus was going through. He was fat like me.And he got picked on like me. The more I think about it, I was Angus, he was all of us, representingthe best and most vulnerablequalities inside everyone.Actually….wait…..I think that movie made me really upset because I thought I looked like Angus and that was unsettling.I remember seeing that movie and feeling worse about myself. Oh my God…I think I almost killed myself while watching "Angus"….oh God….I think I wanted to die while the flickering images of the movie "Angus" told my story.What the hell was wrong with me? I guess nevermind about what I was saying about 'Angus."