Whole lot of losing and winning going on in the past two weeks. If your team has been through some tough times, think about how rough it's been for those two West Virginia first place voters. They have literally nothing left to live for. And now the rest:

1. Ohio State – You'll never see a team happier to lose by seven than the "Fighting" Illini. I'm surprised their crowd didn't just rush the field anyway.

2. Michigan – Remember when I said Michigan was a distant second, and many people got angry? Was that before or after they "survived" Ball State? Just checking.

3. Louisville – Here's an interesting question: If Louisville is 8-0 and averaging close to 40 points a game, why do I still think they suck?

4. Florida – You guys have basketball, just step aside and let Auburn or something play a BCS bowl. This is all they have ever since Charles Barkley graduated.

5. Texas – How excited are racists right now that Colt McCoy is doing just as well as Vince Young? "Told ya they shoulda had that white boy startin'!"

6. Auburn – Auburn is actually petitioning to change their mascots to "the Bridesmaids."

7. USCUSC has scored 65 straight points since being down 33-10 at Oregon State. If only Pete Carrell spent as much time motivating his team as he does purchasing mock turtlenecks…

8. California – Instead of playing Arizona, USC and Stanford, wouldn't it make more sense to just play USC three times and see who has the better team? This is why the NCAA needs to institute incredibly Flex scheduling.

9. Notre Dame -If Jeff Samardjgzgjia plays any better, I'm going to have to start spelling his name correctly.

10. West Virginia - Aw.. what's the matter West Virginia? Did your two little First Place voters abandon you? It's funny that it took a loss to Louisville to convince these two voters "Fine, Ohio State is better!" Somebody please take back Jerry West's right to give two AP first place votes, he obviously doesnt deserve it.

11. Arkansas – This team hasn't lost since week 1 to USC, and if they win out, how are they not the second best team in the nation?

12. LSULSU played its third top 10 opponent of the season, and will probably have to play another one at Arkansas at the end of November. If only strength of schedule was worth 95% of your BCS score, LSU would be a lock for the national title game.

13. Rutgers – 5 years ago Cal played Rutgers in a battle of two 0-10 teams, and Cal won, to go 1-10 that year. What I'm trying to say is, don't I have a sweet ass memory? Also, Cheer up Stanford and Duke, there is hope for you yet!

14. Boise State The Boise St. Broncos truly are the Indianapolis Colts of NCAA football. Maybe they like Peyton Manning's team, maybe.

15. Wisconsin – Wisconsin took out Penn State and Joe Pa in one game. So those of you with Paterno in their fantasy senile old coach league, make sure to check out his status before starting him on Saturday. Perhaps Bobby Bowden is available still on waivers?

16. Tennessee – After losing on Saturday, three Vol's were arrested, including safety Antonio Wardlow, who I'm pretty sure is the villain in those Where's Waldo books.

17. Oklahoma – Are the sooners still playing football? I haven't heard from them in weeks. The minute you stop threatening Pac-10 officials people just stop caring about you…

18. Georgia Tech – The ACC is the poor mans SEC, with 5 teams ranked between 18 – 23. I guess that makes the Yellow Jackets the best Okay team there is!

19. Wake Forest – Wake's football team is ranked higher than its basketball team. I'm starting to think Duke is the only horrible football, great basketball school we can count on anymore!

20. Oregon – Seriously, it looks like their jersey's were designed by an eccentric, yet autistic, six year old metal gear solid fan. They seem like a team that belongs in Mutant League Football.

21. Virginia Tech – Remember when beating the Hurricanes at Miami was considered difficult? now it seems any team who can muster 185 yards can get a W in Coral Gables.

22. Boston College – I did some research, and Boston College WR Kevin Challenger is indeed using a stage name. His real name is Roger Q. Competition.

23. Maryland – Terrapin's last six games have been decided by less than a touchdown. I have no idea what this means, I just found it interesting.

24. Oregon State – I have a feeling Beavers could be 1-7, but as long as that victory came against USC they would be in the top 25. And deservedly so.

25. Johns Hopkins – The Blue Jays rebounded after their big time loss to Ursinus with an emphatic W against Hampden-Sydney. It may be Division III, but these guys are playing Division I-AA ball.