Many people have the idea in their heads that a fraternity is "paying for friends" and "really gay" and to them I say, you're probably right for 90% of the people who join them. But alas there is a 10% that does not want to pay for friends, so they don't, and are not gay, yet are still in a fraternity.


Simple my retarded friend, quite simple. The main reason I joined a fraternity, was so that in 10 years all I have to do is write my fraternities name down on a job application and presto, I get the job over the person clearly more qualified. Do I think this is a bad thing? Of course not! I may be looked at as a retard and completely unqualified to get the job I want but hey, I still get that job, and I might even do a good job at it. But I'll probably just end up fighting some war on "terror" while the rest of the world hates me.

I don't feel any more of an asshole then I already was before I joined a fraternity too. I still hate Uggs, like I really really hate them. And I still talk shit when I play beer pong, even when I have yet to make a cup and can't see straight. I yell at random people who really haven't done anything wrong except cross my path, and I hate sorority girls. The point is, for most people, joining a fraternity is what you do when you go to college where you don't know anybody and want to have friends and get real drunk and maybe even get laid once in a while.

I know people, I get real drunk, and i never get laid…

But at least I'll get a job before you. Biatch