Next week is college football's biggest rivalry week of the year. Slated to compete next Saturday the 18th are LSU v. Ole Miss, Auburn v. Alabama, and the grandaddy of all college football games: Michigan v. Ohio State.

But why wait till next Saturday? Collegehumor wants to pit these six schools against eachother all next week in our first annual Rivalry Week '06: Craziest and Hottest Fans contest.

Everybody from LSU, Ole Miss, Auburn, Alabama, Michigan, and Ohio State is encouraged to submit their photos of a) the craziest fan and b) the hottest fan at their school by Saturday, November 18th. Next week we will put them head-to-head on the front page for everybody to vote on.

The winning school in each competition (Hottest Fan/Craziest Fan) will be awarded three extra points come next Saturday. Don't worry, we've run this idea past the NCAA and they are thrilled about it.

So dress up, or dress down if needed, and start submitting your photos. May the best schools win!