Wichita, Kansas - The two hundred employees of the Wichita Regional Trans-Fat Rendering Facility gather in at the base of a large staircase on the plant's main floor. Randy, the director of operations, addresses his employees from the top of the stairs.

Randy: Alright boys, I'm afraid I have some bad news. They're closing us down.

Chuck: Now hang on there, Randy, we're the only Trans-Fat supplier in the Midwest capable of handling the demand. Where are people going to get quality Trans-Fat?

Randy: That's just it, Chuck, people don't seem to want Trans-Fat anymore. A bunch of blow hards in Washington were saying some nasty stuff about our product and, politics being what they are, people started to listen.

Chris: Are you saying it's all over? And there aint a thing we can do about it?

Randy: 'Fraid so, Chris. 'Fraid so.

Chuck: Tell me there's something we can do, Randy. I've been skimming those rendering tanks for damn near twenty-five years now. It's all I know!

Randy: Calm down, Chuck. Now, if'n any of you have a mind to move, I've got a friend down in Kansas City who operates a Yellow 5 plant. He says he could use some experienced guys and I'd be happy to put my name behind any of you fellas.