Never Have I Ever

10. Made out with my girlfriend when I went to visit my uncle in DC that weekend and didn't tell me about it… Mike, you gonna drink? You wanna sip my beer? I'm going to kill you dude.

9. Been attracted to John's girlfriend Sara (turn to girl) you're not pretty Sara.

8. Felt the urge to do volunteer work or help those in need, that includes joining the facebook group "Save Darfur"

7. Laughed at how poor Eddie's family is.

6. Enjoyed the company of a lot of stupid drunk people who aren't my real friends.

5. Felt up Ben's little sister, even though everyone else has

4. put a dildo in my mouth like Ryan did that one time, remember, when we were in high school?

3. Contracted herpes in my semester abroad (no response)" Yo Chris man, you gotta drink to that!

2. Quoted lines from Will Ferrell, Vince Vaughn, or Dave Chappelle and ruined them for my friends. Thanks douche bags, real original

1. Haha" ummm" I dunno. I can't think of anything" hahaha, give me one Jamie" Forget it, skip me