The US has been predicting the fall of this charmingly aloof dictator since the 60's when they tried to assasinate him, and then again in the 70's. No wait, it was twice in the 60's and then once in the 70's… that's not it, i believe it was first the bay of pigs, and then the flight of the dolphin where an underwater scuba team was supposed to capture a cuban submarine in tandem with some locally trained military dolphins… Anyways eventually they learned they're lesson (that Castro is an immortal being that can only be killed by severing the head from the body with a sword see wikipedia: Highlander) and now the US government has made a deal with nature to pull off the final assasination effort. Eventually, yes Castro is gonna die, and not soon enough for US policy makers but i'd just like to point out here, Castro has been playing cat and mouse with the US for like 40 years, do they really think he's just gonna keel over without throwing some last monkey wrench's in the US's plans to annex cuba and turn it into a tropical las vegas?