Greetings, Fellow Collegers,

Today we will be discussing the difference between an art school (Namely my own, SCAD) vs. a normal college (namely the state schools that my former classmates are going to.

AT A NORMAL COLLEGE:Books cost a helluva lot of money

AT AN ART SCHOOL:Books cost a helluvalot of money, plus you have to buy so many big-ass canvases, you feel like Atlas by the time you get home.

AT A NORMAL COLLEGE:Cafeteria Food sucks.

AT AN ART SCHOOL:Cafeteria food is so horrible, 10 people per month end up at the infermary from food poisoning.

AT A NORMAL COLLEGE:the gay/straight ratio is about 1 out of 50 people, at most.

AT AN ART SCHOOL:Practically every guy that doesn't have a girlfriend is gay, and the theater department practically makes it a prerequiset!

AT NORMAL COLLEGE:Professors bore the life out of you with long lectures.

AT AN ART SCHOOL:Professors squeeze the creativity out of you by scrutinizing every little mistake you make on an assignment, giving you a D on a near perfect painting that has one tiny scratch that can only be seen with ultraviolet light.

AT A NORMAL COLLEGE:Student body consists of normal, mature students that get crazy only on weekends or holidays.

AT AN ART SCHOOL:The most normal and mature student here thinks he's Batman.

So, there you have it. Join me next month, as I tell you the rules of a college social life.