10. If you go to your fraternity Facebook group, the related group "I ♥ Anime" appears on the side.

9. You were excited for a pong tournament at a brother's house, but very surprised when he pulled out an Atari.

8. Your chapter proudly displays all of the D-List celebs who once were brothers at another school. Rob Schneider? Awesome…

7. The average weight of each girl in your sister sorority is more than your own

6. Your nick name is Goat Boner…and there's a reason.

5. You got your own stash of roofies on bid day with the instructions to "use only in an emergency."

4. You wake up in the hospital after pledge week…but you're getting an enema from a nurse who is too embarrassed to tell you why.

3. Your brothers are less like brothers, and more like abusive step-fathers.

2. When people joke about the elephant walk, you can only muster a nervous half-chuckle.

1. You were an SAE pledge here this semester.