Hey everyone, good news: we have some money to give away. How did we get this money? Well, when companies advertise on our site, we carve out a portion of their budget to have some absurd contest and get some cash to the readers.

We have two contests running right now and each have a cash prize. Better yet, it isn't even hard to win. Wanna know more?

1st Contest

What: Random Tailgating (Sponsored by EA Sports)
How Much: $500 cash prize, coolers, tables, food, etc.
How do I win?: Set up a tailgating party at a random location and submit the pics.

2nd Contest

What: Creative Manscaping (sponsored by Wahl)
How much: $1,000 cash prize
How do I win?: By shaving something creative into your body hair and submitting the picture.

Please, take our money.