It's rivalry week here at CollegeHumor and we're getting the spirit by finding the hottest girl at these schools: LSU, Ole Miss, Alabama, Aurburn, Ohio State and Michigan. If you think you've found the hottest girl at any of those schools, send us a link to her Facebook profile at The absolute hottest will compete against her rival for the real victory.

But until then, let's break down this weekend's competition.

Current BCS Average:Michigan: .9735Ohio State: .9765The Edge: Ohio State. That .003 margin is thinner than Tressel's sweater vest.

Head to Head Victories:Michigan: 57Ohio State: 39The Edge: Michigan. Though most of those Wolverine victories came before the advent of the forward pass.

Most Lopsided Victory in Series:Michigan: 86-0 over Ohio State in 1902Ohio State: 50-14 over Michigan in 1968.The Edge: Ohio State. Adjusting for inflation, that 1902 score is more like 13-0.

CollegeHumor Power Rankings:Michigan: 10thOhio State: 49thThe Edge: Michigan. Three acapella groups at Ohio State? That's not gonna help anybody.

Players You'd draft today in your NFL Fantasy Keeper League if it were legal:Michigan: Hart and ManninghamOhio State: Troy Smith, Antonio Pittman, Ted Ginn Jr.The Edge: Ohio State. Now if you could only figure out who to drop. (Hint:Mark Brunell)

Mascot:Wolverine: A solitary, muscular, carnivorous North American Mammal.Buckeye: The brown nut of a tree or shrubThe Edge: Michigan. Frankly we're surprised Ohio State hasn't changed its mascot yet.

TOTAL SCORE: Ohio State 3 – Michigan 3Prediction: We don't condone gambling, but if you are planning on making things interesting, we'd suggest betting the farm on: One Great Football Game!

Head to Head Record:LSU: 53Ole Miss: 37The Edge: Ole Miss. They're due.

Teams Total Height:LSU: 528'3"Ole Miss: 503'11"The Edge: LSU. Try getting a field goal over that wall.

Greatest Names on RosterLSU: Daniel Bobo, Mit Cole, Ace Foyil, Pep Livingston Ole Miss: BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Kyle Higginbothan, Preston Powers The Edge: LSU. Pep Livingston sounds like a superhero.

Legendary Alumni:LSU: Y.A. TittleOle Miss: Archie ManningThe Edge: LSU (At least Tittle didn't birth two annoying sons.)

Is your Quarterback a freak of nature?LSU: Yes.Ole Miss: No.The Edge: JaMarcus Russel and the LSU Tigers.

TOTAL SCORE: LSU 4 – OLE MISS 1Prediction: Look for a blow out, here. The numbers don't lie: LSU 40 – Ole Miss 10.

Head to Head Victories:Alabama: 38Auburn: 31The Edge: Auburn. (They won the last four.)

Home Field Advantage:Alabama: Bryant-Denny StadiumAuburn: Jordan-Hare StadiumThe Edge: Alabama. Higher capacity, plus this year they are playing there.

Biggest Embarassment:Alabama: Punt Bama PuntAuburn: Taylor HicksThe Edge: Alabama. Nobody wants to be known as the American Idol school.

Players whose name sound like robot alien war lords:Alabama: Ezekiel KnightAuburn: Octavius BalkcomThe Edge: Auburn. All Hail President Octavius!

Coin Flip Test:Alabama: HeadsAuburn: TailsThe Edge: Auburn. Tails never fails.

TOTAL SCORE: Auburn 3 – Alabama 2Prediction: Home field advantage keeps it close, but look for Tigers to squeak out a close one: Auburn 24- Alabama 22.