In "Fukc YOU!" sent to Amanda Bridle, October 14th, 3:12 AMIt should be noted that the passage reading, "Iknwo you fiucked SYTeve, yiou dunmb cnut./ I nmevbr wannt to see uyor fuigly facve again!@" neglected to mention that "STeve is af uckin afg and your'e a fuickking fahg too!" The editor appologizes for the omission.

In "SUp yo?" sent to Rachel Terri, September 18th, 2:41 AMAn editorial oversight is responsible for the lack of an exact date range in the sentence reading, "we h aven;'t chilled in forevs." It should be noted that in this instance, "forevs" refers to the time elapsed between the date of the email was sent and "TYhat time wehung outb lkast summner and hoioked up at Trents BBBQ. rtememmber?"

In "Ithikn ushould get checked" sent to Elizabeth Rockland, November 3rd, 3:59 AMIt was unclear in the initial email that the passge reading "i maY ave givne oyu hjerpes" refers to genital herpes, not oral herpes. Additionally absent in the original email is the important information that "Ithinkk I got it from tyhis girl i met at thisparty bnefore we hookjed upo whjen I waas hoime the othyer weekednd bnuit shje saiid that she doesnt jhave it biut i thikn she doesbut whjatever youi shouod give nme a cakll because sjhe said she dioesnt havbe it buyt I I thjink she deos."