That bitch who thinks every class is a fucking game of jeopardy

You come into class late, soaked, and stoned, and go to the back of the room to zone out for the next two and a half hours. Maybe doodle, relaxing, surrounded comfortably by other people that don't give a shit about astronomy.

But then a fat chick with glasses (I swear they are all fat and have glasses) walks in, sees your friendly stoned ass, and sits next to you. Then the lecture begins, and you enter your own calm universe. Nirvana.

Only to be jerked out of it by the bitch next to you trying to finish the professor's sentences. You can tune out the professor easily enough, but this chick right next to you is blowing hot stink out of her mouth flaps and she just won't stop. You can hear the professor talking now, "…the theory of-" "relativity" the festering pile of crap next to you belches softly.

Wow. Good job you pudgy little rectum. We're in a lecture about lightspeed travel and you somehow managed to see into the future and understand that the professor was going to say "theory of RELATIVITY."

You should volunteer yourself to be the first moron they try out the nuclear fusion rocket with. Maybe then you'll get the attention you're so desperately vying for. I came to class to zone out, or at the very least to half-listen to the professor, not to hear your little snippets of idiot-speak.