Being the Man of the Century isn't about being good looking, talented, or even helping society. It's about doing the things other people only joke about doing. If you manage to discover a few loopholes and piss off your neighbors in the process, well, that's just gravy.

This week's Man of the Century is no mere man, but in fact nine men. According to the Washington Post, these nine men attend Georgetown University, and wanted nothing more than to live together in a $2.4 million dollar house… with a pool… that one of their parents bought. Unfortunately, zoning laws dictate that only six unrelated residents are allowed to live in the house at once – unless they are in a religious community. So the boys went down to city hall, filed some paperwork, and founded a religion named after the man who bought the house – The Apostles of O'Neill.

"This shameless proposal makes a mockery of the Zoning Ordinance (not to mention religion) and could have potentially devastating effect on the quality of life in our neighborhood," said one old fuddy-duddy who is obviously too old and should move away from a college town, according the Post.

The parents of the Apostles were quoted as being proud of their children's accomplishments. You don't get to the position where you can buy a multi-million dollar house for your son to drink in without discovering a few loopholes yourself.

We at CollegeHumor may have no moral compass, but we are outraged at the discrimination against the Apostles. Not to start using words that don't really apply, but this is racism plain and simple. If these people choose to study religion and throw raging pool parties late at night, is that not their right? If it isn't their right, shouldn't it be?