Have you guys noticed that the last, I dunno, 4,000 CollegeHumor updates have been geared towards guys!? Well ladies, I got some good news for you, that streak ends NOW! Fella's take a break, this one's just for the girls in the house!

Okay, first things first, why is it when a guy sleeps around he's known as a stud, but when a girl sleeps around she's known as a slut!? No way. Not fair. I mean, if I make out with a couple a guys this weekend, but I refuse to give it up, does that make me a tramp!? I don't think so. It's called college! I'm just enjoying myself!

You know what I hate more than those low riding jeans? Those tramps who wear them. And stop looking at my man, he doesn't want you.

Oh, and guys? PMS? It's real, it sucks, and its 100% natural, so get the F out of our way! I don't wanna hear some guy going "Dude, … um… dude… call me when you stop PMS'ing." Just leave me alone, and if you really wanted to be useful, get me a pint of Cherry Garcia, and just get out of my way, because I already feel bloated and I don't care about getting fat. At least not till tomorrow :)

And what is this I hear about girls being bad at math and science and school in general. Yes, we might not be "book smart" but at least we can make up for it in other ways, like knowing how to shop.

And so what if I like baking cookies for my man every night? How is that setting the womens movement back 100 years?

One other thing: I'm sorry if I only vote for who my boyfriend votes for. If I had a knowledgeable opinion, I'd choose my own candidate, but I don't! SO SUE ME!

Don't you hate when your boyfriend makes you do his laundry? I don't. I love helping him out. And you should too. And split his colors and his whites for crying out loud, you're trying to help out, not be a lazy cunt.

BTW, anybody catch Grey's Anatomy last night? OMG is it just me or Christina being a major bitch right now. Like, HELLO, it's George. Nobody's mean to George! What a ho-bag