Dear Sarah,

Wow, I can't believe this is our last summer at Camp Slumberlake. I still remember when I was in Boys Bunk 1 and you were in Girls Bunk 2 back in '95. That year was so tight. I was tetherball champ and you won the limbo contest.

Well, anyways, listen. This on again/off again fling we've had for the last few years has been amazing. But I think we can take it to the next level. And to start, I think we should take some more pictures together… or… any pictures together. I want like real pictures. Not the funny ones where you look the other way, or the kinds where you think that it would be cool if we put our hands in front of each others faces. Not those. Real, actual, pictures of us as a couple looking directly at the camera. The kind you can show your friends at home.

Also, it's kind of weird that nobody in camp even really knows we've been going out for all these years. But, I guess that's what makes our relationship mysterious :) It probably explains why we don't make out at night behind the dining hall or by the girls camp hill, because that's where everyone goes. Good thinking!

I know that the last few summers have been especially hard for us to hang out. And I'm really upset that we weren't in the same bus group for the Six Flags trip. That's the 5th year in a row that our request to be together on the bus fell through. You're sure you wrote my name correctly on the sheet?

Well, maybe we can chill after final banquet tonight.

Don't cry 'cause it's over, smile 'cause it happened. And take lots of pictures to remember it by.

To a great summer '01.

Ben "The Manimal" Moscowitz