Sherry, my mom, told me I had some mail the other day so I figured I’d check that out. Turns out, I’m your new roommate. It should be pretty sweet, I think we prolly got a lot in common. A little about me:

My names Carlos, I grew up in Puerto Rico and now I live in Atlantic City, NJ. WORD UP AC!!! I play mad football when I’m not at the gym and I’m majoring in sports science. I like just about every kind of music and movies, cept for anything with Jews. I def love to party, so we’ll be mad cool on the floor this year.

We should contact each other to figure out what we each should bring to the dorm room this year. I already got the blacklight, n64, harness, bungee ropes, American Idol DVDs and the mini fridge. I guess if you wanna bring the dart board, body chocolate, latex gloves, a lunar calendar and a lamp we should be pretty set. We can figure out the rest of the stuff when we meet up at orientation.

I have a girl right now, but I’ma dump that bitch in a month or so. For now, why don’t we say you get the room Mon, Tues, Fri and Sun. I’ll take the other days. That seems fair.

This year is gonna be off the HOOOOK! You can email on the school address Cjohnston@Rugers.edu or you can IM me at H8 tha Playa22.

Peace out.