Am I the only girl that doesnt walk around a party taking pictures? I am the only bitch that would completely lose her camera because lets face it.. I get drunk and even if I'm not getting drunk, i will still ALWAYS lose my keys (they attach to me).. I was at a party last night and this girl was taking a picture of her and this guy and she goes "this is totally a Myspace picture." I vomited a little in my mouth. Who does that? Then i notice that everyone does that… Face book is littered with halloween pictures of people at parties.. Its as if they wanna prove that they do, in fact, have a life. "look guys! I was 'drinking' at a 'party' where i met 'boys'." wow. meaningful guys. or all the pictures that state "me and my girls are sooooo hot" when in reality they are fat, washed up skanks. I see more girls concentrating on filling up their camera then I have seen enjoying a frosty beer.. whats wrong with this picture? Who seriously goes to parties to take pictures? Hahaha, i have seen people grab a drink just for the picture.. so they can just be like "look! im drinking! i have a red dixie cup… thats nooot koolaide guys" whoohoo a college kid drinks! congrats! this is the craziest thing ive ever heard!! Dont get me wrong.. I understand happening to have a camera and taking a few.. but jesus christ its like a photoshoot at every party. It's time for people to begin to enjoy good company and good 'ol alcohol intake.. leave the technology at home, a beer bong is all you need thats "technologically advanced," because face it, theres nothing technological about drinking a beer.