A: So do you guys want like money or what. I'm cool with whatever.

B: Yeah, just throw down like 5 or 10 for beer.

A: Oh. Really? I thought Trev's parents gave him a lot of dough while they were on vacation?

B: They did, but it's still money he's spending on us and not himself.

A: Yeah, but it was like… his parents.

B: So. If you don't want to pay you don't have to, but since you offered…

A: No, yeah I know. I'll throw some down. Cool. 5. 10. Whatever. 5.

opens wallet

A: Ooh, only got a 100. Tell you what. I'll get you next time.

B: That’s a 10.

A: I have to go.

B: Where?

A: ATM. But home first. Super tired. Lata Hatas.