In every film or TV show there always exist certain plausibility issues that we often never notice or just decide to overlook. But lately, these gaping holes in my childhood TV and movie-viewing experience have been bothering me to no end. Seriously. I can't sleep. It's bad. So, let me just get these off my chest:

Gaping Plot Holes:

1) Donna Martin Graduate: Does anyone else find it hard to believe that the entire student body gives a flying fuck if Tori Spelling can't walk with her graduating class, or even if she gets expelled. The girl had three friends. How does everyone know her all of a sudden? You're right. They don't. Did Aaron Spelling pay someone off again?

2) Chasing Amy: Is Ben Affleck really so charming with that backwards baseball cap and scruffy beard that it could entice a fervent lesbian to turn straight for two months just to be with him?

3) Remember when they switched moms on Fresh Prince and nobody noticed? Or when they switched Morgan the little sister on Boy Meets World with an older, more annoying blonde actress? Or when Little Richie and Judy from Family Matters just disappeared?

4) Did it bother anyone else when Kelly Kapowski and Jesse Spano were substituted for a tom-boy named Tori and no one ever spoke of them again, until they returned for the graduation episode of Saved By the Bell?

5) James Bond is supposed to be the best spy in the world and yet he tells everyone his full name. "Bond. James Bond." Wouldn't he be in the witness protection program by now? Seriously dude, it's called an alias. Try it.