Rip Van Winkle fell asleep for 20 years in 1770, only to find things completely different when he awoke. His descendants had similar problems.

Christopher Van Winkle: 3 years, 1930-1933

CHRIS: I’m sorry I haven’t been at work in a while, sir. I seem to have nodded off.

BOSS: Don’t worry about a thing; I’ve married your wife and adopted your sons.

CHRIS: That’s ridiculous. I would never agree to that.

BOSS: You talk in your sleep.

Richard Van Winkle: 1 year, 1955-1956

RICHARD: Oh crap, I’m late for work again.

MRS: You’ve been asleep for a year, honey. You’re a year late for work.

RICHARD: Why didn’t you wake me up?! How can you keep letting me do this?

MRS. JONES: Oh, right, it’s my fault. Not your bizarre hereditary illness.

Ted Van Winkle: 5 months, 1969-1970

GIRLFRIEND: Welcome to 1970, Ted. I missed you.

TED: 1970?! I can’t tolerate that kind of change.

GIRLFRIEND: Nothing’s really different.

TED: Don’t you get it? The ‘60s are over. We don’t get a second chance.

Steve Van Winkle: 6 weeks, 1985

ROOMMATE: Hey Steve, how you feeling?

STEVE: I feel so refreshed. But a little groggy.

ROOMMATE: Wonderful! then the operation was a complete success.

STEVE: Operation?

Phil Van Winkle: A few minutes, Present Day

PHIL: This drive is the perfect thing to help me forget my chronic narcolepsy. I love you, honey.

GIRLFRIEND: Phil, watch the road!!!