There comes a point in every college male's life when he has what can most accurately be described as an epiphany. The moment at which you realize there are copious amounts of "bangin females" on Facebook, and not surprisingly you don't know any of them. One of the hardest things when first meeting a girl is curtailing your interests to fit those of said hottie. "Oh my god you like Fergie too? I had no idea" in point of fact you did and you think Fergie's carrier has faded since her Black Eyed Peas departure, that however doesn't mean shit. Facebook takes all the guesswork out of lying to members of the opposite sex. No more of that awkward dance around subjects such as music and books trying to find a small shred of commonality to grasp onto. With Facebook you know all the bands to listen to and all the movies to see before even attempting to talk to this person. These intangible girls are a rare sight indeed and only reveal themselves to the proper individual. Don't fret there is a tried and tested method to impressing and ultimately donkey punching these hotties. The ultimate goal is to engineer your Facebook into something of a hottie siren; A mouth-watering pull to your man parts. This is done by studying the hottie psyche and then implementing this knowledge into your profile.

In the music segment of your profile erase every thing you may have written here. Hoties don't like your shitty music, put Jack Johnson. There are few females in this world that dislike Jack Johnson, at least few hot ones. Avoid such bands as "C-Murder" and "phish" as hotties have most likely never heard them.

Interests, phhhssss, what aren't your interests? You're into just about everything life can offer, or at least according to Facebook you are. The beauty of Facebook is nothing has to be substantiated until you actually meet the person, and remember 9/10 of the battle is getting them interested. Modest subtleties like whether or not you actually base jump can be ironed out at a later date.

When choosing reading material there's no need to be too specific. The type of hottie you are trying to attract doesn't read; it's not in their nature. Although they will be able to discern a complete fabrication, therefore you should incorporate a healthy mix of impressive scholarly works with some thrillers. Remember the aim of this entire exercise is to portray what hotties most desire and hotties don't desire guys that read "jugs" and "vagina quarterly".

Surprisingly enough, movies that wicked hot Facebook chicks like differ slightly from your top 10, not truly appreciating the "guy lineup" consisting of any combination of Fight Club, Boondock Saints and tremors parts 1-4. Therefore put The Notebook" This will garner huge support with the hottie community. Your friends may ridicule you for this film choice, but I say fuck em', until they're opinion gets you laid, they can keep quiet.

The most important aspect of your entire profile is the picture, it is vital to convey a sense of confidence and strength in your photo. Hotties can detect weakness. If you're at all in doubt of the picture you currently have ask yourself these questions.1) Am I shirtless? Shirtless isn't a good idea. It doesn't matter what you think you look like with your shirt off. The simple fact is those last 2 years of heavy drinking and little to no physical activity have laid waste to your upper body like a Mongol hoard.2) Am I passed out? Remember the aim is making you look more attractive than you actually are. A picture of you passed out in your own filth isn't helping in achieving this objective.3) Am I fat? Crop that picture down to a head shot and begin a rigorous exercise regiment.If and when your happy with the picture you can update your profile and prepare for the vagina tsunami that's about to hit you like Thailand.