It's that time of the week again, the time when we post the stupidest questions you heard in class. If you send in the absolute stupidest, you get a free Big Shocker.

Bending to popular demand, you'll pick the winner. Choose wisely, my friends, choose wisely…

The Nominees
A) Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, PASubmitted by Amanda

In Physics, talking about gravity…Genius: You know when you're driving, and you let go of the wheel and the car starts to drift to one side or the other?Professor: Yes…Genius: Does that mean the car is drifting towards the center of the earth?Professor: No, that means you need to get you car realigned.

B) University of Florida, Gainesville, FLSubmitted by Leigh

Professor: You can buy the notes to help you study over the break, but you all will probably be saving your money for "Black Friday."anyways.Stupid Girl: What is that… Martin Luther King Day?

C) Canadore College, North Bay, OntarioSubmitted by Peter

Professor: other substances besides oxygen can be absorbed by your lungs…Girl who has never said anything: Is that why some people can breath under water?

D) University of Portland, Portland, ORSubmitted by Pat

In Life Span Development Class during a debate on fetusesBrilliant Young Woman: Is it true that 33% of all women who have abortions dodn't even know they're pregnant?

E) William Patterson University, Wayne, NJSubmitted by Foker

In history classProfessor: …And so at the end of the Terror, Robespierre and sixty of his closest followers would die by the guillotine.Valedictorian: Did they go voluntarily?

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