As we release our final CH Poll of this NCAA Football season, we remind ourselves of all the tiny moments that have amounted to such a large and grand athletic tapestry. Remember when Ohio State/Texas was the game of the year? Remember when Duke almost beat Wake? Remember when USC looked weak and people thought Michigan deserved a rematch? Yup, those were good times…

And now the rest:

1. Ohio State – I hope that Troy Smith and Ted Ginn Jr spent their bye week basking in their victory over Michigan, because come next year, when they're playing for the Raiders and the Lions, this memory is the only thing they'll have left.

2. USC – Hey Michigan fans, anybody can beat the Irish in South Bend. It takes a real football team to beat them on the road! And that is why the Wolverines are on the outside looking in.

3. Michigan – Little known fact: Wolverines showed up at the Horseshoe last Saturday demanding a rematch, and when no Buckeyes showed up they started chanting "Forfeit! Forfeit!" as they marched single file back onto the bus and drove away.

4. Florida – Gator fans want the world to realize that finishing first the SEC is much harder than finishing first in the Pac 10. Let's see the Trojans beat a team like Arkansas! … Again!

5. LSU – Just when you think you've got something figured out. LSU almost loses to Ole Miss at home, then turns around and beats a Razorback team in Arkansas that hadn't lost since early September. Also, have I mentioned that JaMarcus Russel is enormous?

6. Louisville – I'm really glad Rutgers came back to beat Louisville, the last thing we need are more teams lining up to play Ohio State.

7. Wisconsin – Michigan was the only team to beat Wisconsin this year. Ohio State was the only team to beat Michigan. So if bizarre sports logic holds true, Wisconsin would beat the crap out of Ohio State if given the opportunity.

8. Boise State – Another week another win. It'll be pretty excited to see if they can beat Oklahoma or Nebraska in the Fiesta bowl.

9. Arkansas – How bad did the Razorbacks play? Well their leading passer was their running back who threw two completions for 33 yards. And yet they only lost by five?

10. Notre Dame – As a means of motivating his team Charlie Weis wore a USC hat to practice last week. I guess you need to coach well AND wear silly hats to win football games. "I don't know why he dressed up as Rodney Dangerfield in a USC hat." said Brady Quinn.

11. Auburn – Once again, the Tigers championship dreams stolen by the BCS… and their two losses. We need a playoff system!

12. Oklahoma – How would I describe Oklahoma's play on Saturday? OK. (Those who thought I wouldn't Stoops so low on an Oklahoma pun are clearly mistaken).

13. Rutgers – Technically, since the Jets and Giants play in New Jersey, Rutgers is now the best football team that plays in New Jersey.

14. Virginia Tech – Hokies might be playing the best football in the nation right now. In their last six games they are 6-0 and have held their opponents to a total of 29 points. (including #10 Clemson and #14 Wake Forest) And to celebrate that: An invitation to the MEINEKE CAR CARE BOWL in Charlotte, North Carolina. Congrats, grads. You've earned it!

15. West Virginia – I don't care what anybody says. This team should still be receiving two first place votes.

16. Tennessee – Vol's won their 22nd consecutive game over Kentucky 17-12. Luckily, the Wildcats still have one 23rd year senior on that team who remembers the sweet taste of victory.

17. Wake Forest – I don't want to call this the Cinderella story of the year, but Wake has such a small student body, one of their running backs is white.

18. California – Cal plays Stanford on Saturday and the winner gains control of an axe mounted onto a plaque. So much better than a dumb crystal football.

19. Texas – Longhorns were headed for a BCS bowl before finishing the season with back to back losses against unranked opponents. In related news, I'm pretty sure Colt McCoy is either dead or dying.

20. Nebraska – Cornhuskers used four trick plays to beat Colorado on Saturday. Is it just me or do trick plays always work? Teams should run them all the time!

21. Brigham YoungBYU beat Utah for the first time in five years. Winner gets the other team's wives.

22. Georgia Tech – Remember when Calvin Johnson used to have good games? Whatever happened to that?

23. Texas A&M – There is something exciting, but ultimately unsuccessful about a quarterback that runs more than he passes.

24. Oregon State – Oregon State beat USC so that should keep them in the top 25 until at least 2009.

25. Hawaii – The Warriors lead the nation in scoring (48 points/game) and yards (553/game) and second place is further away then the mainland.