Overheard at your local frat party.

  • Yo, bro, keg's on the back porch, solos in the kitch.
  • Dude we totally smashed that brahzilla's face into the pavement!
  • Foam is beer too, lick that shit off the grass, brah!
  • " shoved the plunger"
  • " up his ass! funny as hell, broham!
  • The Taco bar was money tonight in the dining hall, right?!
  • Yo broseph, yeah no party here. I think the Asian house is on the other side of campus, actually. Peace, brahzasaurus.
  • What's a "D-bag"? Someone just called me a D-bag. YO MOOSE! What's a D-Bag? MOOSE! BRAH! WHAT'S A D-BAG?