It's Back! No need for a long introduction, you know the rules: Start one of the groups below, get 1,000 people to join and email me at Streeter.Seidell @ when you've completed the task. If you're the first one to do so, you get yourself a Free BustedTee.

The Groups

  • #1 is number one! Literally!
  • Anyone else wanna order pizza? Yeah? No?
  • I'm just saying, maybe the Smurfs were gay…
  • If my parents were midgets I'd kill myself. Seriously.
  • Touched by an Angel Fan Club
  • Thank God I finally saw Britney's vag!
  • I'm into watching girls cry in the shower
  • Dude, dude, dude, you're doing it all wrong. Bend with your knees, not your back.
  • I H8 Redheads
  • Sup Bro?
  • You spell tomato, and I spell tomato.
  • You live, you learn. You love, you learn. You cry, you learn. You La-oooose, You Learn.
  • Arts and farts and crafts
  • Yes ladies, the curtains match the carpet: think, brown, tangly and rarely washed!
  • Do you guys smell that? I think The Rock is cooking.
  • Hootie/Blowfish '08!
  • Co-Ed Naked 90's Pop Culture References
  • I joined a Save Darfur group and that shit is still going on! What gives?
  • This group is so easy, even a caveman could join it!
  • I've got something I need to get off my chest. Give me a hand with this barbell?
  • That's it. Remember to make your group global so as many people can join as possible. When you've hit 1,000 members, email me at and, if you're the first, you get a free BustedTee

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