Last week, Drew Carey was announced as the new host for the CBS game show "The Price Is Right", replacing retiree Bob Barker after 34 years of hosting the show. Many are arguing that Carey was a bad choice for the hosting job, while others are simply relieved the job didn't go to some fat lesbian. Let's take a look at some more worthy candidates for host, and some we're glad they passed over.

5. Samuel L. Jackson
"Motherfucker, say what again! I told you, all you have to do is drop the motherfuckin' Plinko chip onto the motherfuckin' Plinko board! Is that so goddamn hard to understand?!"

4. A lump of stale cheddar cheese

Is worth its weight in cheese.

3. The Ghost of Tom Joad
Shit, I accidentally loaded my iTunes library onto here. One sec…

2. Ryan Stiles
On "Whose Line Is It Anyway?", he actually did stuff.

1. Bob Barker
Why the hell not?

5. Pope Benedict XVI

Those dark, judging eyes can actually bore directly into your soul. And if you're on the stage with him, you actually catch fire.

4. Bill Gates
After contestants spins the wheel and wins $10,000, he would mock them mercilessly for still being dirt poor.

3. The Angel of Death
No charisma. None whatsoever.

2. Drew Cloney

Bob "I Have A Homemade Nuclear Weapon In My Cellar And I Will Set It Off If I Am Chosen To Host A Game Show On CBS" Stevens of Pittsburgh, PA
Loose cannon.