Open on a lonely bar in the middle of the Nevada desert.Goofy, drowning in the loss of his favorite Frisbee, is approached by Col. Trautman about a dangerous mission that only he and he alone can accomplish – kill Osama Bin Laden and all “evil-doer” Taliban extremists.Goofy tells Trautman that he’s done fighting wars for the government.Goofy is outside licking his nuts when he sees Donald Duck approaching from the distance on a flaming red, white and blue crotch rocket.Donald tells Goofy to put the past behind him, they high-five, embrace and immediately jump on a flight out of Edwards AFB for the Middle East.Over the mountains of Afghanistan, Donald and Goofy do a night HALO jump armed with only two Rambo knifes and one match.Against impossible odds, they track and kill Osama and all his evil doers and eat their still-beating, malevolent little hearts out of their rib cages.The film would climax in a breathtaking Anti-Taliban interpretive dance around a large bonfire with “evil-doer” blood smeared all over Donald’s face and chest – all to the music of Michael Sembello’s “Maniac” from the Paramount Pictures all-time classic motion picture film Flashdance.Goofy is off in the distance, the light from the fire dancing across his hardened face. He does a bong hit out of Osama’s skull and remembers his best days with his long, lost Frisbee.Fade out.