For those of you who don't have a MySpace, this is what you're missing:


-Random friend requests and private messages from strange e-prostitutes!

Some of them are real people, desperate for attention. Frankly, I just feel sorry for these women. I just don't feel bad enough to actually talk to them, which would encourage their whority. I usually choose to ignore them.

Some of them, however are not real people- but bots.I average one random floozy friend request a day. Tonight, I got three! I deleted the first two without giving it much thought. Reading the last message though, curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to investigate this "lady".

Here's the message she sent me:Subject: hello stud

Body: hey i just moved by you and dont have anyone to go out iwth except my roommate. Anyway im trying to meet new people so if you like my page hit me up on my messenger names they are on my page.

When I viewed her profile, I noticed something; she doesn't even have her location posted! I was immediately suspicious that I may have found a real bot. Also, Tom was her only friend. What a freakin loser! I originally posted a link to her site, but sadly, it has recently been shut down.

So, being just horny enough, I decided to hit her up on AIM. The screenname was explicitly advertised on the site, as mine is here. I edited out the link she twice provided, just to protect any of you lonely fellas who would open it up and make yourself vulnerable to whatever viruses might be there (spam, trojans, HIV).

Read this conversation, and tell me if you think I was talking to a real person or a bot.

————————————————————————————————————————brandonbeeez (9:21:13 PM): hey dog.

romogirl554 (9:21:21 PM): Hey whats up. Who is this by the way?

brandonbeeez (9:21:30 PM): You don't know me. Don't act like you do.

romogirl554 (9:21:45 PM): Oh your the one i sent that ms friend request to. Thats weird cause im still looking at your profile to

brandonbeeez (9:21:47 PM): -to what?!

romogirl554 (9:22:11 PM): Well baby i was just about to start my webcam up and do a little show and have some fun. You want to watch me on my cam while we chat?

brandonbeeez (9:22:24 PM): No… you are a whore.

romogirl554 (9:22:48 PM): well since you are special and tracked down my instant message info then ill let you be my special VIP guest. Feel special? lol promise not to tell anyone though k. Seriously

brandonbeeez (9:23:15 PM): I told you, you're a whore. I like dudes.

brandonbeeez (9:24:12 PM): Hey! What's it like to have herpes?

romogirl554 (9:24:14 PM): well hey my webcam got flagged for nudity with the site i host it with. So now they make you do an age verification to logon to my webcam lol. This means you have to have a credit card to signup with just to prove your 18. It doesnt cost anything though cause once you get in ill make your account VIP like i do for all my friends. Just promise me when you get in the webcam chat room not to tell anyone i made you VIP. Thats if there is even anyone in there which i doubt. Anyway the site is

brandonbeeez (9:25:09 PM): I want to know what herpes is like!!!

romogirl554 (9:25:31 PM): I know i sounds like a broken record but seriously dont tell anyone i upgraded you lol.

brandonbeeez (9:25:50 PM): You sounds like a robot.

brandonbeeez (9:26:06 PM): …with bad grammar lol!

romogirl554 (9:27:07 PM): Okay babe my cam is booted up now so im getting off aim and on it. When you login use your aim name so i know its you. See ya there babe.

brandonbeeez (9:27:22 PM): I hate you.

romogirl554 (9:27:22 PM): Auto Response: Who's horny like me? HEHEH.. I'm in my webcam show now getting it on with the girlies.. WE GETTIN NAUGHTY 2-NITE Click the link to come watch


I think I'm in love!