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I ate a double-A battery a couple weeks ago and got really sick. I no longer trust expiration dates.
Armchair Deal or No Deal Contestant
"Moron, he should have picked 17."
Famous Speeches Given While Playing Taboo
I have a… at night time, you… doze off… and you think… of … unicorns and… you just… When you go to bed people say "Sweet ____" Right. And it was that one day our children will not be judged by the color of their … largest organ. It's usually … umm… epidermis. Right. But by the content of their… umm… Every play has a main ____. A main _____. Screw it. Pass.
Unrated Classics
"Where the f*uck are we, Toto?"
"Frankly my dear, I don't give a flying f*ck."
"F*ckin' Rosebud!"
How to ruin Webster's New World Dictionary for someone
"Zymurgy: (n) the applied chemistry of fermentation processes."
"Whose line is it anyway?" asked Drew Carrey.
"The bigger one is mine," said the prostitute.
Bad things to say during sex
- It's dark in here…is that your breast or mine?
- Something about sex always reminds me of my uncle.
- Don't worry baby, I'll be finished quicker than you can say, "genital warts."
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