You know, there are some differences about girls who prefer different drinks:

Beer Girl :: Liquor Girl

When Speaking
To You
Ignores distractions, and if not, excuses herself by saying she'll be right back Squeels and runs away if something, anything really, catches her eye.
When Urinating
Closes and locks the door
Pees in sinks, pockets of a pool table and on top of other people peeing
When Playing
A Drinking
Attempts to abide rules of any drinking games to the best of her ability
Plays by her own rules, which usually include talking a lot, laughing obnoxiously and generally not paying attention
When Getting
Another Drink
Waits patiently in line
Stumbles through crowd, demanding, "Someone buy me a shot"
When Confronted By
Competing Females
Ignores the dirty looks
Scowls at everyone who is prettier than her
When Dealing With Conflict
Doesn't let the little things get to her
Cries a lot