The following FratChat conversation took place last Saturday between 2:43 – 2:44 A.M.

Moose: Dude, that was the sickest threesome of all timeJohnny: Yeah, it was alright.Moose: Alright? What's wrong with you?Johnny: I don't know, I guess I'd just prefer" ya know, like 2 girls 1 guy.Moose: C'mon man, we're all Brahzasauruses here.Johnny: Brahzasauri, but that's not the point. Moose: I just don't see the problem, if you'd have a threesome with your biological brother why not a frat brother? Johnny: What the hell is wrong with you?!? I wouldn't have a threesome with my brother!Moose: I seeJohnny: Let's never speak of this again.Moose: MOOOOOOSE ATTACK!!!Johnny: I'm going downstairs.