1. Woooooooo!

2. Ooh, look at him! Maybe I’m a little inebriated but he’s still pretty hot!

3. I better tell anybody standing nearby that I think he'd look good naked!

4. Walk up to him with an outstretched hand. When he thinks you’re introducing yourself, shake your head and explain that you just wanted his beer.

5. I think I’m gonna puke. Hang on.

6. Okay, I'm back! I better follow him around the party the entire night. If he doesn't want me, then he can't talk to anyone else there!

7. Try to steal his heart by offering to fetch him a beer.

8. Stumble off to find a beer and return with one — only to give it to someone else by mistake.

9. Small talk is a good way to get to know each other so corner him and make small talk.

10. Don't remember that you asked what his major was three minutes ago, and ask what his major is.

11. Wait, what's my major again?

12. O. M. G.! I can't believe I forgot what my major is. Teaching… nursing… no, teaching. I think.

13. Wait, who the hell was that girl??  Who were you talking to??  Fine, go talk to your GIRLFRIENDS! Maybe they'll get you another beer!

14. Cry a little bit.

15. Ok, that's enough, pull yourself together.

16. When he goes to take a piss, it's probably just a cue for him wanting to talk to you in private. Follow him in while he’s emptying his bladder.

17. Expose your breasts to him.

18. Ask what he thinks of them.

19. Ooh, a mirror! I wonder if my hair still looks good!

20. Wait, where’d he go?? Did he take one of my beers out of my purse?

21. Whatever, fuck him! I can have a good time with my girlz tonight instead!

22. Try cornering him again in the kitchen.

23. Woooooo!

24. Show everyone how much fun you are by dancing on the coffee table and spilling your drink.  That'll show him!

25. He’s going back up to the bathroom before he goes home! Looks like it’s time to seal the deal!!

26. Follow him back into the bathroom a second time and lock the door behind you.

27. He wants you so bad! After he washes his hands, hop up and sit on the bathroom counter in front of him, assuming the position.

28. Shit, I’m starting to feel a little guilty now! I bet my boyfriend wouldn’t like this very much. Tell him you bet your boyfriend wouldn't like this very much.

29. Oh hey, it's the mirror again.  And my hair still looks slammin'!

30. Wait… What was your major again?