Hey dudes, I got this stupid blog quiz. It says if you answer all the questions and explain your work your crush will reveal herself* to you. Probably not true, but I figured what the hell! You guys should do it too. And send me the links to your finished quizzes so I can see your answers. So stupid, but we’re all bored, right?! :)

1) Name: Terrance Monroe

2) Where was your first kiss? Summer Camp.

3) a) A running man has half the kinetic energy that a boy of half his mass has. The man speeds up by 1.0 m/s and then has the same kinetic energy as the boy. What were the original speeds of man and boy? I think it’s 44m/s and 55 m/s but I’m not 100%.

b)Favorite food: Pizza

4) To push a 50 kg crate across a floor, a worker applies a force of 200 N, directed 20o above the horizontal. The floor exerts a 175 N force of friction on the crate. As the crate moves 3.0 m, calculate the work done on the crate by (a) the worker, (b) the force of friction, © the force of gravity, and (d) the normal force of the floor on the crate. (d) Calculate the total work done on the crate. I got a) 6.75 Newtons/m b) -415 Newtons/m (I know that one is definitely wrong.) and c and d) I couldn’t figure out. Can you??

5) Have you ever broken a bone?: Nope. Thank God!!!

6) If so, which one? My Leg.

7) Each second, 1200 m of water passes over a waterfall 100 m high. Assuming that three-fourths of the kinetic energy gained by the water in falling is converted to electrical energy by a hydroelectric generator, what is the power output of the generator? (Note that 1 m3 of water has a mass of 1000 kg). Totally lost on this one. This should def. be extra credit.

8) Which do you prefer, the beach or the mountains? Beach for sure.

9) Discuss two of the labs we completed this semester. What were the hypotheses, what were the results, and explain how the scientific method was used for each: This one is whatever, I can do it. It’ll just take me like an hour.

10) Have you ever gotten a hickey? :P

*This test is only for guys, sorry!