Initially, when we moved out on our own, my rommates and I simply couldn't afford cable.  Then: we learned to live without it.  Now; I hate it.  Watching TV makes me feel uncreative and sterotypical.  Any time I'm sitting around at a friends, they already know: we turn off the fucking TV. This allows for the creative inspiration of your brain take over, where before you would just be brainwashed by the "pre-fabbed" ideas and jokes on sitcoms and reality TV. Ah, the things we've done in the years A.C. (After Cable).  We've derived the funniest shit ever.  Just last night, for prime example, we smoked a few bowls, stared at the Christmas tree in the cornor of the living room for a few minutes, played a game of hot potatoe, followed by a game of, "Which would you rather eat?" (patent pending), then we came up with this song, in light of the holiday season, for college students everywhere.  

                           The Twelve College Days of Christmas

Every Night In College You Will Surely See:

12 Budlight Boxes

11 Liquor Bottles

10 People Puking

9 Squatters Squatting

8 Drunk Girls Singing

7 Blunts-A-Passing

6 Bills Delinquient

5 Beer Pong Games

4 One-Night Stands

3 ER Trips

2 Bond Collections

And A Christmas Tree Up In July


Much more to come from my Anti-Cable Campaign soon…….