As advertisers well know, it's never too early to start thinking about Christmas. As you and I well know, the Noel/action film genre has been tapped into rarely. With this in mind, I pitch to you some ideas for Christmas blockbuster fims that should be worked on immediately.:

1. They wouldn't let him in their reindeer terrorist organisation. Vengeance shall be served. Jason Statham IS Rudolph the Blood-Stained Reindeer.

2. After watching Mrs. Claus die at the hands of renegade elves, Santa is willing to do whatever he can to get revenge and cut short the tiny uprising. Arnold Schwarzennegger is putting YOU on his naughty list this Christmas in Ho Ho Homicide.

3. With the baby Jesus missing from its manger, the world was looming on near Christmaslessness. Only one man was up to the job. Jet Li delivers an immaculate ass-kicking in Oh Little Town of Deathlehem.

4. With global warming looming, Frosty the Snowman will do anything to stop it. Only one man can help him. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker team up for Slush Hour.