Man I took this really hilarious photo! It was spectacular all of you should have seen it I swear! I was walking down Main Street, and from out of the ally ran a midget who was hauling major ass. I thought of this as no spectacular thing especially since I live in the vertically challenged capital of the world so I paid little attention. Then as soon as I took a step a bear was chasing after him! But this was no ordinary bear it was a circus bear, equipped with all of the necessities a circus bear needs, like a pointy party hat, balls for juggling, and of course a unicycle. I found this sight to be most peculiar, but never found it photo worthy. But then out of nowhere a parachutist playing the piano landed into the street directly in front of the small person. I knew this was the moment to pull out a camera and take a picture, but to my disappointment I have no digital camera, so there was no way I could share this moment with you, and ladies ant gentlemen this is a problem our nation faces everyday! Pictures gone untaken. Think about what a better world it would be if only everyone had a camera at there disposal. Think of how many answers to the world’s toughest questions there would be like, who shot JFK, the actual hijackers of 9/11, and of course what Jesus really looked like!

It’s true folks all of these answers could be yours if everyone had a camera. That’s why I propose this Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanza/Justgiveadamngiftday Season we all rally together and demand that this Christmas the government hands out Digital (no cheap ass film) cameras do every girl and boy and man and woman and midget and bear and pothead around, so that we all may know the truth! And yes I need a camera so that I may post slightly hilarious pics of my friend barfing all over his girlfriend! And yes I need to post pictures of my girlfriend’s roommate’s boyfriend peeing all over there other roommate while she’s sleeping! And yes I must take photos of my face and Photoshop them in unique ways to make my posts stand out! If nobody will back me in the National Camera Handout Day then at least everyone pitch in $1 to the Get Kyle a Camera So He Stops Bitching Fund! Thank you for your time.

Oh and the midget turned out to be Danny DeVito and he ran underneath the piano as the Bear, who was actually a gorilla in disguise that could fly, flew away, while the parachutist just broke through the Earth’s crust and melted in liquid hot magma. It’s true if you don’t believe me well then hand me a camera so in the future I may be able to prove it.