Wow, New Year's Day. Break is half way over and all the fun is just… Umm… Ha. Wow. Okay, Okay. No, I’m fine. Just let me close my eyes for a second.  Ugh.

Okay. Yeah. The good part of break is over and now you’ve got a lot of time… Left. OW!  Ugh, this computer screen is so bright.

No dude, don't touch me. Dude! Don’t touch me! My head is killing me. One second. I said one second, just…hold on.  Dude, get me some water?

Okay, so yeah. Um, here are some good tips for how to spend the rest of your break and, hold on a second because if I don’t get some water my head is going to explode.  DUDEWATER?

  1. Try to hook up with your ex: Hooking up is shit hold on. Shit. Shit… Okay I'm gonna… DUDE WATER?!… Jesus, I can’t do this today I’m sorry.

in the distance Sorry! Back tomorrow! faint vomiting noises