Katie Marino is not only a celebrated contributor to CollegeHumor but an established commenter as well. One of the things that sets her apart from other commenters is that she's an attractive female. This is the conversation we had.

What’s your favorite thing to comment on?

Hmm… I’ve never really thought about that. Probably other people’s comments.
Do you have a boyfriend?
I’m kind of between boyfriends right now.

What kind of chances do the guys hitting on you have of boning you?
That obviously depends on how far away from me they live. And, if for some reason we should ever meet in person, how drunk they get me.

What inspired you to upload that REALLY awesome picture of yourself in Christmas lights?
Frustration, mostly. I think I’ve been pretty vocal about how disappointed I’ve been with the majority of the Deck the Gals entries. They have been improving a little bit lately, but like 75% of the girls are still wearing the same pink Santa skirt. Putting forth that little effort is an insult to a contest whose purpose is to see how ingeniously one can decorate herself. It’s like those girls are saying, “I’m so hot, I don’t need to be creative,” but their appearances still get picked apart in the comments, so that’s obviously not working out for them. I was just trying to motivate girls to be creative and not rely on whoring it up to try to win. It should be about looking sexy AND having a clever idea.

Can we expect a similar one for Valentines Day?
Haha. Probably not.

Do the constant pick-up attempts deter you from commenting, or encourage?
They don’t really affect me. I mean, they’re in jest. It’s no worse than me saying that I love Streeter. Except I’m not kidding about that.

Why do you like Streeter Seidell so much?
Why wouldn’t I like Streeter? He’s funny and handsome, and he’s humble about it. I think boys often forget how endearing humility is. Humility and money.