Rocky Balboa opens in a few days, so I thought it might be appropriate to compare the new fighter with the old. Let's see how Rocky 2006 measures up.

Rocky 1976 was a boxing underdog:::Rocky 2006's most strenous exercise
is walking his dogs

Rocky 1976 yells "Adrian!" to get her attention:::Rocky 2006 yells
"Adrian" because she is now hard of hearing

Rocky 1976 was looking to make a comeback:::Rocky 2006 has back problems

Rocky 1976 got Frank Stallone work in Hollywood:::Rocky 2006 knows
that even Frank thinks this is a stupid idea

Rocky 1976 fought Apollo Creed:::Rocky 2006 fought a bad case of arthritis

Rocky 1976 lasted all 15 rounds:::Rocky 2006 audience loses interest
after 15 minutes