NORMAL, IL-At a recent night out at a local drinking establishment, the PUB II, former college room mates Scott Smith and Brian Pohlman were astonished to find out that the person standing across the dark bar, originally thought to be a chick, then later after further examination was widely believed to be a dude, turned out to be a chick. When reached for comment Smith said, "Well, when we got there we were pretty sure it was a chick. I mean, she was there with a bunch of girls, but they were all much hotter." Pohlman agreed stating, "there was no denying it was a chick, at first." When asked what prompted the two to change their minds Pohlman states, "I think it was the jeans. I mean, they totally looked like a dude's jeans." A nodding Smith added, "and the sweatshirt. It was fit like a dude's. And not like when a chick wears a dude's sweatshirt and it's kinda hot. This just looked like a dude." Adding to the confusion was the fact that she had, "no rack to speak of" and "that long hair, but it totally coulda' been a dude's hair, it was all scragly-like and covered her face" The pair decided to get another round and further investigate from the vantage point of their across-room booth.

So, what settled the controversy for these two? According to Smith, "She totally walked out of the girls' bathroom." Pohlman agreed, "Yeah, once she came out of the bathroom it was pretty obvious she was a chick. I never really doubted it, though."

When the patron in question was reached for comment she had this to say, "Yeah, I noticed those creepy guys ogling me all night. I'm used to it though. I have that kind of natural beauty that attracts guys. It seems like everywhere I go guys are attentively looking at me. Almost like they're studying me to try to find something out. Some girls, too."